Ben Domenech rips Dr. Fauci's comments on gun violence: 'Completely out of his depth'


벤 도메네크: I’m sick and tired of this out-of-his-depth bureaucrat Dr. Fauci feeling that he can just weigh in on any kind of matter socially and have a reaction from America’s media and from politicians. He is completely out of his depth when it comes to almost any issue unrelated to this pandemic and even within the pandemic, he’s out of his depth when it comes to a lot of his intonations and his weighing in

보기, the fact is this guy has gotten out over his skis over and over and over again. He was wrong about school closings, he was wrong about our lockdowns and on masks, he was wrong too. And the fact is we shouldn’t have bureaucrats, who have so much faith in their own infallibility that they feel they need to weigh in on every aspect of our lives.

I’m not trying to diminish this guy. He’s someone that obviously has a lot more expertise than I do when it comes to medical affairs, but the fact that he’s been built up by the media to this point—where he’s weighing in on everything as if he’s some kind of vaunted saint who can do no wrong—it’s really gone beyond the point of where we need to reel this back and say hey, just remember you’re a bureaucrat, you work for us.

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