Benoit Paire penalized, heckled during Wimbledon match

Paire was penalized and the umpire for his match accused the Frenchman of not trying hard enough. The match was interrupted Monday and forced to resume Tuesday because of bad weather. Paire was already down two sets and losing 5-0 in the third when he was getting heckled by a spectator.

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You’re wasting everybody’s time,” the person yelled, による ユーロスポーツ.

Umpire Mohamed Lahyani also gave Paire a violation for allegedly not trying hard enough.

I’m not going to call the physio. You have to show more sportsmanship. You have to try to do your best,” the umpire said.


Paire was brushed off the heckling in his post-match press conference.

‘I do not care about the people. I play for me and that is it,” Paire said.

Paire has never made it past the fourth round of Wimbledon in his career. He’s also never made it past the fourth round in any major tournament. This season alone, he has only two wins.

Schwartzman, the ninth seed in the tournament, is set to play Liam Broady on Wednesday.