Benton Harbor, 미시간, declares state of emergency due to contaminated water

Officials in Benton Harbor, 미시간, announced a state of emergency this week in a bid to ensure that lead pipes contaminating the city’s water supply are replaced more quickly.

그만큼 City Commission voted on Monday to enact the state of emergency.
Mayor Marcus Muhammad said he will be the presiding officer dealing with the emergencyin coordination with state and local leaders.
      Mary Alice Adams, commissioner-at-large, told CNN that the Commission had decided make the declaration to get the attention of elected officials in Washington, DC, WHO “may not be aware of the magnitude of these type of problems happening in communities across the country.
        While they fight our infrastructure bill, we live in a four seasonal state and with the winter weather near at hand that can be so devastating at times,” 그녀가 말했다, “we need to know that FEMA, the National Guard will be here for us.
          미시간 정부. 그레첸 휘트 머, who visited the city on Monday, called on the Republican-led legislature to provide an additional $ 11.4 million to replace the city’s pipes, 에 따르면 release from her office.
          The governor previously committed to replacing 100% of lead pipes in the city within 18 months after residents said that the city’s water supply has had unsafe levels of lead for years.
          Our work will build on the executive directive I signed last week to pursue an all-hands-on-deck approach to protect access to safe drinking water right now and make lasting investments in water infrastructure,” Whitmer said Tuesday.
          She also asked that federal funding be allocated to Michigan under the 미국 구조 계획.
          The state estimates it will cost approximately $ 30 million to replace all the lead pipes in Benton Harbor, according to the governor’s office.
            지금까지, the state has been able to secure a total of $ 18.6 백만, 와 $ 10 million coming from next year’s budget, $ 3 million from the Michigan Clean Water plan, 그리고 $ 5.6 million grant from the 환경 보호국.
            The news release says that $ 15 million of the state’s 2022 budget is currently being used to supply residents with bottled water and forother key uses.

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