Bernie Sanders, Gaga's outfit and other meme-able Inauguration moments. (But mostly Bernie)

It’s time to admit that making jokes about sacred historical moments like inaugurations is just part of our way of coping with overwhelming political and social change. We know history is being made, ja, but what kind of history? When future generations look back on this day, what will they see?

Mostly Bernie Sanders memes, dit blyk.
In the meme-orable moments of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Vermont Senator emerged as the day’s clear victor. From the moment he arrived, a beacon of sensible northeastern outerwear amid a sea of elegant wool coats, the internet fell in love with Sanders all over again.
Perhaps it was the Burton jacket, apparently a favorite item in Sanderswardrobe and proof, as Esquire says, that you only need one good coat. (Longtime Bernie meme fans recognized the coat as the same one he appears to be wearing in another meme-able moment from the campaign trail in late 2019.)
Perhaps it was the mittens, a perfect melding of function and fashion, or the fact that he rolled up to the inauguration carrying what looked like a package anda check? Hoe dit ook al sy, he gave off a casualThis has been fun, but the post office closes at sixvibe that people felt deep in their souls.
Imagine sitting in a folding chair, just trying to stay warm, and becoming the most beloved meme of the day. People have already made art of this moment!
Natuurlik, the other groundbreaking fashions at the Inauguration also drew their fair share of jokes and admiration, whether it was the jewel-toned coat squad of powerful political women or Lady Gaga cosplaying as Effie Trinket’s sensible twin sister.
Jennifer Lopez really thought she could slip someLet’s Get Loudinto her inaugural performance and people wouldn’t make a deal about it? ¡Imposible!
People also took note of the man who executed the critical task of wiping down the lectern in between appearances. We’re in a pandemic! He deserves the love!
Later in the evening, as the sun set on Biden’s first day in office, America’s other uncle Tom Hanks (Sanders is the uncle on the dad’s side, Hanks is the uncle on the mom’s) stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial and gave a tribute to the American dream of unity. This would normally be nothing to comment upon, but the internet was very tired and overstimulated, and Hanks was not wearing a coat. Intolerable.
The dawning of a new presidency brings with it so many questions, so many unknowns. But before we meet the challenges that lie ahead, it was a joy to be able to come together as Americans and celebrate what really unites us: A collective concern over whether Bernie Sanders got that package delivered on time.

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