Las mejores formas de guardar las fotos de tu teléfono antes de que sea demasiado tarde

Hay mejores formas de encontrar un teléfono perdido que pedirle a alguien que lo llame por usted. Toque o haga clic en los métodos para encontrar su teléfono inteligente extraviado, incluso si está apagado.

We store so much valuable info on our phones, from our credit card details to our email to our most personal photos and conversations. Tap or click for five security steps you can take to protect it all, even if your phone ends up in the wrong hands.

It’s best to back up your photos, so they’re safe and sound — no matter what happens to your device. The method is up to you. Just don’t wait till it’s too late.

Put them in the cloud

Both Android and iOS let you back up your photos to the cloud for safekeeping. It’s easy, and you don’t have to install extra software to do it.

On an iPhone:

  • Abierto Settings on your device and tap your name at the top.
  • Tap iCloud, then tap Fotos.
  • Turn on iCloud Photos to start saving your photos to the cloud.

The process may take some time to complete. Once it’s finished, any photos you take will be automatically saved to the cloud. You can also view them on your desktop by signing in to with your Apple ID.

On Android:

  • Open the Google Photos app and sign in if you need to.
  • On the top right, tap your account photo or initial.
  • Select Photos settings, seguido por Back up and sync.
  • Toggle Back up and sync en.

Once your backup is done, future photos you take will be saved to the cloud. You can view, edit, and sort them inside the Google Photos app and see them from your desktop at

iCloud logo.

iCloud logo.




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