Beverly Hills police say they're investigating anti-Semitic flyers distributed one night before the beginning of Hanukkah

Polizia a Beverly Hills, California, hanno avviato un'indagine dopo che i residenti hanno ricevuto volantini di incitamento all'odio antiebraico prima della prima notte di Hanukkah, il department said Domenica.

The flyers were likely distributed overnight in what police are calling ahate incident,” according to a statement from the Beverly Hills Police Department. Police said they received a call from a resident reporting a flyer in their front yard shorty after 6 a.m. di domenica. Hanukkah began Sunday evening.
The flyer containspropaganda style hate speech related to the COVID pandemic and the Jewish people,” ha detto il dipartimento in un comunicato.
      A portion of the flyer received by residents said, “Every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish,” secondo CNN affiliato KABC.
        Police surveyed the area and discovered that the flyers, enclosed in plastic bags containing rice (for weight), were distributed to homes in several blocks in the northeast area of the City,” the police statement said.
          Il Anti-Defamation League has previously called out the use of anti-Semitic language to promote conspiracy theories around the Covid-19 pandemic. For this Hanukkah, ADL has launched #ShineALight to raise awareness around anti-Semitism and how communities can respond.
          Hate crimes in the US reached a 12-year-high in 2020, con più di 7,700 criminal hate crime incidents reported to the FBI, according to the FBI’s annual hate crime statistics report. C'erano 683 anti-Jewish attacks l'anno scorso, according to the FBI data, giù da 963 nel 2019.
            Officers were conducting extra patrols in Beverly Hills Sundayto ensure a safe holiday season,” ha detto la polizia.
            Anyone with information or video related to the flyers is encouraged to contact the police department.

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