Beyond Meat는 전국의이 레스토랑에서 무료 식물성 조식을 제공합니다.

Beyond Meat는 전국의이 레스토랑에서 무료 식물성 조식을 제공합니다.

고기 너머 is making the most important meal of the day free — and meatless.

그만큼 plant-based meat company, known for its beefless burgers, will serve up free breakfast sandwiches made with its meatless sausage patties for a limited time on Thursday Jan. 14 at local restaurant chains across the country.

Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwich. (고기 너머).

Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwich. (고기 너머).

Restaurants in cities including Austin, 시카고, 달라스, 천사들, 뉴욕, Seattle and San Francisco will cook up their own iteration of a meatless breakfast sandwich.

Eaters can now book a time slot to try one at a location nearby via the reservation website Resy, and can pick up their free meal between 8 오전. 과 11 오전.


The plant-based food category continues to grow in mainstream restaurants and fast food chains with the likes of Burger King, White Castle, Del Taco and KFC embracing meatless menu items. And Beyond Meat in particular seems to be focusing more on breakfast. The company teamed up with Dunkin last year to serve a Beyond Sausage Egg and Cheese, and Starbucks also expanded its breakfast menu to include a Beyond Meat egg breakfast sandwich.

또 뭔데, the country’s biggest meat company, 타이슨, 시작 its Jimmy Dean-brand plant-based patty, included with store-bought Jimmy Dean croissant sandwiches last week, joining the competition in the meatless breakfast category.

The demand for breakfast seems to be higher than ever during the pandemic. When McDonald’s stopped serving its all-day breakfast menu in March, eaters complained about the change on social media.

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Want to know where you can score a free plant-based breakfast on Jan. 14? Here’s a full list of restaurants serving up the Beyond Meat menu item:

  • 오스틴: Brunch Bird is offering its Farmer John sandwich.
  • 시카고: Yolk locations are offering their Beyond Skillet.
  • 달라스: Love Burger Shack is offering its Beyond Breakfast Sausage Sandwich.
  • 천사들: Hilltop Coffee & Kitchen locations are offering their Beyond Bangin Breakfast Sandwich; Cafe Organix is serving its Breakfast Burger.
  • 뉴욕: Gregorys Coffee is offering its Vegan Deluxe; 추신. Kitchen is offering its Beyond Breakfast Sandwich.
  • San Antonio: Earth Burger is offering its Breakfast Warp.
  • San Francisco: Craftsman & Wolves is offering its Breakfast Sandwich.
  • 시애틀: Anchorhead Coffee is offering its Beyond Cheddar Biscuit Sandwich.
  • 워싱턴, DC: PLNT Burger locations are offering the PLNT Egg Sammy.

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