Biden admin expands Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' to Rio Grande Valley sector, 裁判所命令を引用

DHSのスポークスマンは、プログラムに登録していることをFoxに確認しました, 正式には移民保護プロトコルと呼ばれています (MPP), 1月に始まりました. 19 セクターで, with migrants being returned to Mexico via the Brownsville port of entry. Migrants are also being returned from San Diego and El Paso. CBSニュース first reported the expansion into RGV.


The Remain-in-Mexico policy was set up in 2019 as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to end “キャッチ・アンド・リリース” by which migrants were released into the interior as their asylum claims were processed.

MPP saw migrants returned to Mexico for their proceedings, and it was hailed by Trump officials as a way to remove a key pull factor for migrants coming north. Critics described the policy as cruel, arguing that it resulted in migrants camped out at the border, and put at risk of violence and exploitation by gangs.

The Biden administration began unraveling the program earlier this year and officially ended it in June. しかし、連邦裁判所の命令は、テキサス州とミズーリ州が訴訟を起こした後、それを復活させるよう命じました。, 政府がそれを廃棄する前に政策の必要な分析を行っていなかったと主張する. The Supreme Court upheld that order.

The DHS spokesperson noted that DHShas repeatedly sought to terminate MPP.

DHS currently is, しかしながら, under a court order to reimplement MPP in good faith. DHS continues to fight in the courts, including in a pending challenge before the Supreme Court. In the interim, DHS is committed to abiding by the court-mandated reimplementation of MPP in the most humane way possible,” 広報担当者は言った.

As part of the expansion, migrants returned via Brownsville will be allowed to reside in Monterrey while their hearings take place. The State Department is working with the Mexican government to secure transportation, shelter and testing for COVID-19, 広報担当者は言った.

国土安全保障省は、11月にトランプ時代がメキシコの政策にとどまるのを再開することを期待していると述べています, テントコートを再構築しています

As the legal battle over MPP continues, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a memo インドネシア駐在ロシア大使は言う, saying he had conducted an analysis on whether the program should be kept, 変更, または放棄された — 裁判所が十分に対処されていないと述べたという主張と同様に, 国境検問所へのプログラムの影響のように.

He said in the memo that he has determined that MPP “終了する必要があります,” 彼がそれが国境検問所を減らすことを受け入れたとしても

“この結論に達するに, MPPが移動の流れの減少に貢献した可能性があることを認識しています. しかし、それはメキシコで待っている間に危害にさらされた個人にかなりのそして不当な人件費を課すことによってそうしました,” 彼は言った.

He said that the benefits of the program “プログラムベースでプログラムを使い続けるためのコストがはるかに上回っています, どんな形でも”

He concluded the memo by saying that DHS would continue complying with the court injunction to reimplement MPP, ただし、プログラムの終了は実装されます “as soon as practicable after a final judicial decision to vacate the [裁判所] injunction.