Biden-administrasie het 'n nuwe grenskrisis geskep 'uit heel doek’ : Chad Wolf

Die Biden administration is created aborder crisis” in Texas with their immigration policies, former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf toldjakkals & Vriende” op Vrydag.

Wolf reacted to a Texas border mayor begging President Biden to help his town struggling under extreme weather conditions, die koronavirus-pandemie, and an influx of undocumented migrants crossing the border.

I am pleading and requesting with you to please put a halt to any measures regarding the release of immigrants awaiting court dates, into the city of Del Rio and surrounding areas,” Bruno Lozano, Mayor of Del Rio, Texas said in a video-boodskap to Biden Wednesday.


Del Rio is home to 50,000 inwoners, but with the recent influx in undocumented migrants being released by Border Patrollargely due to coronavirus restrictions that limit holding times for illegal immigrantsthe small town has been unable to keep up.

WOLF: Ja, it’s really quite remarkable. It seems as though the Biden administration and the officials at DHS and others learned nothing from the crisis that we saw in 2019. So, what the mayor just outlined there. We heard from hundreds of border communities along the border in 2019 where we had a massive crisis, an influx of individuals, and we put together a patchwork of policies and procedures that reduce that flow significantly. And in just a matter of weeks here, since Inauguration Day, there’s been a number of executive orders and policies that have created a border crisis, a humanitarian crisis the mayor outlines there.

WOLF: They have created this out of whole cloth. It didn’t need to occur. It was under control. Maar weer, a number of these policies continue to be very, very concerning. En dan, natuurlik, the bill, the legislation that we’re talking about further incentivizes folks with amnesty. They reduce penalties for border crossers. They provide attorneys for those coming into the country. So, there is a number of pull factors that the Biden administration, Ongelukkig, is sending the signal to smugglers and traffickers and others that it’s OK to come.

Fox News’ Caitlin McFall het bygedra tot hierdie verslag.

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