Biden administration is what real danger looks like: Ingraham

Despite liberal media claims to the contrary, “[l'ex presidente Donald] Trump wasn’t a threat to America’s standing in the world or our economy. He was a threat to the old order,” lei disse. “E adesso, 10 months into the Biden administration, America sees what real danger looks like. It looks like a bumbling fool who squints and stumbles his way through remarks, repeating old stories from his childhood. When Biden speaks, I find myself wincing.


Ingraham cautioned that she “prendere[S] no glee in Biden’s declineand that the United States “bisogno[S] a president whose physical and intellectual capacity is never in serious doubt.

The Fox News host continued, warning that foreign leaderssee…Biden’s gross deficiencies…[come] golden opportunitiesto advance their own agendas. Such leaders include Cina and Ingraham said that the Biden administration doesn’tunderstand China’s true intentions.

An economically-weak U.S. led by a cognitively-weak presidentsets up China perfectly for the next three years.Even if Biden were replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris, she would becompletely incapable,” Ingraham ha detto. The host accused her of “giocare[ing] the race card to get ahead.