Biden administration 'still not doing a single thing' to fix southern border crisis: Jason Chaffetz

CHAFFETZ: We talk a lot about this border crisis and how it’s led to a surge in crime. It’s fueling a drug epidemic. It’s literally costing us American lives. And tonight, we learned that a border crisis may have taken yet another life. Despite all of this destruction it’s doing to our country, the Biden administration is still not doing a single thing to fix this crisis. In fact, tomorrow marks one month until Title 42 is officially lifted – one month – and then the floodgates open up even more. You remember th[ose] caravans last year? Well, get ready for more. Border agents are bracing for this. 

I really can’t overstate how bad it is down there. [Department of Homeland Security] reports that more than 221,000 migrants were detained at the U.S.-Mexican border in March. That’s the highest number in two decades, and it does not include any of the gotaways. A group of 70 sheriffs are begging Congress to extend Title 42, writing “we simply have no border left… help save American lives.” Even Biden’s DHS secretary is reportedly concerned about lifting the Trump-era policy. 


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