Biden administration to rescind Keystone pipeline permit on Wednesday, dicono le fonti

President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration plans to rescind the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline nel suo primo giorno in carica, dicono alla CNN due fonti che hanno familiarità con la decisione, delivering a win to an array of progressive organization and rolling back one of President Donald Trump’s earliest moves.

The decision was not included in a memo from incoming Biden chief of staff Ron Klain released on Saturday, but sources familiar with the move tell CNN that the Biden team intends to make the executive order one of the President-elect’s first climate crisis actions.
The pipeline has long been a political hot button and Trump made it a political issue during the 2016 elezioni generali. The Keystone pipeline system current stretches more than 2,600 miglia, carrying crude from Alberta, Canada, through Manitoba, Canada, and down into Texas. The Keystone XL portion, which has been protested and opposed by numerous indigenous groups, would run from Alberta to Nebraska and cut through Montana and North Dakota.
La corte suprema delivered a substantial blow to the project in 2020 when it cleared the way for several pipeline projects to be receive fast-tracked permits, but excluded the Keystone XL pipeline from that order.
The decision on put a block on the cross-border pipeline was first reported by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, citing a presentation that includedRescind Keystone XL pipeline permitin the list of environmental executive actions Biden would take on his first day.
The Biden transition declined to comment on the plans. A source familiar with the decision, tuttavia, said that the presentation reported by the CBC was weeks old.
Trump signed executive actions at the outset of his administration that approved the Keystone XL pipeline, dispensing with plans from the Obama era to block construction.

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