Biden and Manchin spoke last week as President tries to secure senator's vote on 'Build Back Better' bill

President Joe Biden spoke with その. ジョー・マンチン 先週遅く, 会話に精通している情報源によると, as the President works to secure the West Virginia Democrat’s vote for his expansive economic and climate bill he wants passed by the end of the year.

During their conversation, Biden made clear to Manchin what is an obvious reality: he needs the senator’s vote on this bill. But Manchin conveyed to the President that he was not there yet and expressed deep concerns about the size and scope of the legislation, ソースによると.
Biden and Manchin are expected to speak again soon, and CNN’s Lauren Fox reports that call could happen as soon as Monday. Biden has publicly expressed uncertainty about whether he can get Manchin’s support for the Build Back Better Act, a matter complicated after inflation reached a 40-year high in November.
    Manchin’s support for the bill — A $ 1.9 trillion spending plan focused on expanding the nation’s social safety net, reducing Americanschild care and health care costs, and climate changeis key to moving Democrats closer to getting the legislation to Biden’s desk and signed into law.
      But Manchin has publicly raised a number of concerns about the legislation, which passed the Democrat-controlled House last month. The senator is seeking to pare down the bill in several areas, including paid family leave, a methane fee on emissions from energy producers and a Medicare expansion to cover hearing costs. He is also seeking changes to some of the provisions in the tax portion of the bill.