Biden, 회장으로 첫 주일 미사 참석

대통령 조 바이든 attended Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, DC’s Georgetown neighborhood, 취임 선서를 한 후 처음으로 주일 미사에 참석.

Biden is the second Catholic president in US history, 과 weekly Mass is expected to be a fixed part of his schedule. That’s a level of devotion to regular religious services not seen from recent presidents, who were professed Christians but intermittently attended church or worshipped privately while in office.
And while it’s unclear whether he will adopt a permanent parish in Washington during his term, Biden’s churchgoing will provide a window into how his spiritual side aligns with his politics.
Catholicism has been an integral part of Biden’s life, who has been a regular at Mass since childhood and attended Catholic schools. He married his late first wife, Neilia, in a Catholic church and peppers his political speech with quotes from Scripture, Catholic hymns and references to the nuns and priests he learned from in school.
    He frequented Holy Trinity during his time as vice president to former President Barack Obama. The churchthe oldest Catholic church in Washington, according to Holy Trinitywas also regularly attended by the first US Catholic president, John F. 케네디.
    The morning of his inauguration, 바이든 attended a service at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington, DC, with all four congressional leaders.

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