Biden campaign announces largest week of ad spending as November election nears

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is ramping up its paid media advertising with just seven weeks until Election Day, spending more on ads this week than it has in any week to date.

The campaign’s record investment of $ 65 millón, compartido primero con CNN, comes after it announced a historic fundraising haul of $ 364 million in the month of August. It also comes as Biden continues to hold an advantage over Trump in national polling.
The money is being spent on ads across broadcast, digital and print in multiple key battleground states, including several new ads the campaign is releasing Wednesday.
    A pair of new healthcare-focused ads, viewed first by CNN, feature two families with children battling disease providing testimonials to make their case for Biden. En el primero, “Little Brother,” a mother talks about her son, Beckett, who has leukemia.
    If Donald Trump gets rid of our health care law, my son won’t be protected,” ella dice. “We need a president who will protect our healthcare, and that’s Joe Biden.The ad will air in Michigan, Minnesota, Carolina del Norte, Pensilvania, and Wisconsin.
    The second spot, “Antonio,” features a young boy named Anthony born with a preexisting condition.
    I think Joe Biden will be the person to protect Anthony and those with preexisting conditions,” Anthony’s father says.
    Two more new ads — “Unforgivable” y “Do Your Job” — feature quick bites from remarks Biden has delivered, including his acceptance speech during the Democratic National Convention, and are the campaign’s first 15-second spots on television.
    Trump’s presidential campaign announced Tuesday that it is ramping up its TV advertising around the economy, going up on the air in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pensilvania, Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District and Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, as well as adding new national cable ad buys.
    The announcement came as the campaign opted to pull down a scheduled ad buy in Iowa, Nevada, and Ohio this week. But while the President has pulled advertising in Ohio, he is not losing a major competitive edge over Biden, who hasn’t spent heavily on ads in the state, according to CMAG data.
    Biden’s campaign has also recently released a batch of new TV, digital and radio ads nationally and in battleground states targeting Black Americans and Latinos, específicamente.
    Two of the ads targeting the Black community, “Shop Talk Our Right” y “Shop Talk Trust,” showcase Black men discussing their support for Biden and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. Those ads will air in Florida, Michigan, Carolina del Norte, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, a co-chair of the Biden campaign, said that the campaign is targeting Black men and women differently on similar issues with the belief that the end result will be the same.
      Just because the messaging may be different, because we’re speaking to some very specific needs or specific issues, we believe that the result, uno, would be the same, but two, we have to go earn the vote,” he said on a press call Monday.
      The campaign released an array of Spanish language ads this week, placing two ads, one on TV and digital and another on radio, in Florida focusing on the economy and Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria, respectivamente. An additional radio ad in Spanish focusing on workers and a TV and digital ad criticizing the president’s response to the pandemic are up in key battleground states like Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, Carolina del Norte, Pensilvania, and Wisconsin.

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