Biden comments about Georgia election law 'incredibly irresponsible' and 'based on lies': Loeffler

LOEFFLER: Il suo [Joe Biden's] comments were incredibly irresponsible, because he repeated misinformation that had been promulgated by Stacey Abrams, who’s promoting a multi-million dollar misinformation campaign in Georgia and across the country to raise millions for herself and her voting organizations on the back of hard-working Georgians who have lost a $ 100 million opportunity to host the All-Star Game. As the former commissioner [Fay Vincent] disse, baseball must rise above politics. That’s what our country wants, but the president and MLB have drawn this country into a divisive moment based on lies.

If he [Biden] bothered to read the lawhe would see it expands voting opportunities and increases integrity. The majority of Georgians supported more safeguards and voter ID. There’s a real opportunity here to have a dialogue and ask questions about it. But he [Biden] succumbed to the cancel culture, the pressure from Stacey Abrams and the orchestrated campaign to raise money. They’re raising millions of dollars off the back of this misinformation. I commend The Masters for keeping things going because companies are going to need a clause, that’s a Stacey Abrams risk factor, if they get involved in politics it could cost them revenues, clienti, brand equity and so forth. This is an important learning moment to make sure that we have the right information before we make decisions that hurt hard working Georgians and small businesses, 30% of which are Black-owned.


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