Biden COVID adviser pressed by Bill Hemmer on new mask guidance: 'What changed' since last week?

Senior 白色的房子 adviser for 新冠肺炎 response Andy Slavitt told美国新闻室” 那一个 “exponentialdrop in cases, new data on vaccine effectiveness and children over the age of 12 now being eligible to be vaccinated led to the new guidance announced Thursday.

I know it’s a shock to people,” 斯拉维特说. “Some will say it should have been done long ago. Others are telling us they’re not quite sure how to adjust to it. But the bottom line is they found evidence which tells them that you don’t need to wear a mask if you’re vaccinated. And if you are, you’re still in danger and you should wear a mask.

Earlier in the morning on狐狸 & 友人,” former White House coronavirus testing czar Admiral 布雷特·吉罗尔 said the decision was motivated bypolitical direction” 而代表. 吉姆·乔丹, 俄亥俄州, called the movepoll-driven.

Anchor Bill Hemmer pressed Slavitt on the rapid change in mask guidance: “Thirty-six hours ago, the head of the CDC said no change and Dr. 福西 pretty much said the same thing as well. Seven days ago, they were telling 12-year-olds to wear a mask at summer camp in July. 我的意思是, that really is a swap.

Slavitt pointed to CDC Director 罗谢尔·瓦伦斯基‘s grilling from 参议院共和党人 earlier in the week on COVID-19 guidance.

If they wanted to do this politically conveniently, wouldn’t she have done this before the hearing so she didn’t have to take the tough questions, rather than after?” 他问.

Their job isn’t to be popular. They try to follow the science. Our job at the White House is just to let them follow the science and take what comes and try to explain it as best we can to the American public.