Biden demonizes the unvaccinated to create a fictitious notion we should be panicked: Raymond Arroyo

RAYMOND ARROYO: What is regrettable is the demonization of people, family, especially the unvaccinated. It all creates this fictitious notion that we should be panicked, that Aunt Kathy is bringing a deadly pathogen into the house along with her Christmas casserole. But despite the mutated virus moving in the right direction, I might add the demonization is getting worse … Is there a vaccination for hatred and demonization of fellow citizens? … 

The testing regime, which does nothing to stop the disease, I might add, does amp up the panic. And it is at the heart of the Biden solution. He’s sending out half a billion COVID tests to every home, whether you’re alone or not. The assumption is that we can test our way out of this crisis. Even Biden doesn’t believe this. 

Bear in mind, he had been exposed to a staffer who had COVID just days before he was coughing like a TB (tuberculosis) victim yesterday. And yet he walks among reporters before he has a test result. This is crazy. What’s the point of the COVID test if you’re not going to wait for the result? 

Do you see what’s happening here? Biden is telling you to keep grandma and grandpa away from your Christmas tree, don’t let him near the kids. But he’s free to ramble around coughing on everybody heedless of test results.


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