Biden draws contrast with Trump on coronavirus as pandemic worsens in campaign's final days

Democratic presidential nominee 조 바이든 sought Wednesday to make the differences in how he and President 도날드 트럼프 have approached the 코로나 바이러스 감염병 세계적 유행 a part of his closing message, sitting for a briefing with health experts and addressing the crisis as Trump campaigned out West as if it was over.

Wednesday’s event was the latest in Biden’s series of demonstrations of how he would handle the pandemicwhich have become a regular feature of his campaign, underscoring his aidesbelief that the virusspread on Trump’s watch is the dominant factor in the November 3 선거.
We discussed importance of wearing masks, protecting yourself, protecting your neighbor and to save around 100,000 lives in the months ahead,” Biden said in a speech after the briefing. “This is not political. It’s patriotic. Wearing a mask. Wear one, period.
    Biden’s approach demonstrates a fundamental difference between his campaign and Trump’s in the closing days of the 2020 선거: Trump is campaigning as if the pandemic is over, holding multiple rallies per day with thousands of maskless supporters. Biden is campaigning with an acknowledgment that it has upended American life and politics, minimizing his public events andwhen he does traveldelivering made-for-TV speeches and holdingdrive-inoutdoor rallies in which attendees stay near their cars, instead of the larger mega-rallies typical of a presidential campaign.
    We are turning the corner. We are rounding the curve, we will vanquish the virus,” Trump said in Wisconsin on Tuesday, where coronavirus cases are surging.
    The former vice president’s closing message has been twofold: Trump is a poisonous presence in a political system Biden claims he can get to function again, which was the theme of a Tuesday speech Biden delivered in Georgia; and Trump has failed in responding to the pandemic, which his Wednesday briefing and speech were designed to highlight.
    Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden attends a virtual public health briefing at The Queen theater in Wilmington, 의., 수요일, 10 월. 28, 2020.

    Biden’s public coronavirus briefingsa regular feature of his campaign for monthsare carefully staged. 수요일에, he sat alone at a table on a stage in Wilmington’s Queen Theater in front of a massive screen as four public health experts, including former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, briefed him remotely.
    The screen also displayed charts showing the seven-day rolling average of reported coronavirus cases and hospitalizations resulting from the virus.
    There’s no doubt, we are in the midst of the third wave,” 박사. David Kessler, a former Food and Drug Administration commissioner and the chair of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said in a portion of the briefing reporters were allowed to watch. “I don’t think anyone can tell you how high this is going to get.
    Almost the entire nation is worsening at this point,” Kessler said.
    Biden on Wednesday said the Trump administration has refused to recognize the reality of the pandemic, calling that failurean insult to every single person suffering from Covid-19.
      “내가 이겨도, 이 전염병을 끝내기 위해서는 많은 노력이 필요할 것입니다.. 나는 스위치를 켜서이 전염병을 끝내 겠다는 잘못된 약속을 지키지 않고 있습니다.,” Biden said in a speech after his briefing. He added that he would start on day onedoing the right things. We’ll let science drive our decisions.
      He also highlighted the contrast in optics between his campaign and Trump’s, pointing out that many attendees at a Trump rally in Nebraska on Tuesday night were stranded in a cold parking lot afterward, 그것을 부르다 “an image that captures President Trump’s whole approach to this crisis.

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