Biden focuses on faith and unity during 'dark, dark time' in prayer breakfast remarks

조 바이든 대통령 on Thursday cited the importance of unity and faith during what he described as a “어두운, 어두운 시간” 많은 미국인을 위해, as he continued the presidential tradition of participation in the National Prayer Breakfast.

“나를 위해, in the darkest moments, faith provides hope and solace, provides clarity and purpose, 게다가,” 그는 말했다, appearing at the bipartisan breakfast virtually in pre-recorded remarks.
Biden called this yeardifferent” 대유행 중에, citing death tolls, food insecurity and racial justice. He also cited theexistential threat of climate crisis.
The President directly addressed the 일월 6 국회의사당 봉기 during his remarks.
    We just have to open our eyes. We’ve just witnessed images that we’ve never imaginedimages that now we’ll never forget: a violent assault on the US Capitolan assault on our democracy, on our Capitol, a violent attack that threatens lives and took lives. We know now we must confront and defeat political extremism, White supremacy and domestic terrorism,” 그는 말했다.
    Biden placed an emphasis on unity in his remarks, echoing themes from his inaugural address.
    These aren’t Democrats, Republicans going hungry in our nation. They’re our fellow Americans, fellow human beings,” 그는 말했다, repeating the same refrain forgoing without health care,” “being evicted from their homes,” 과 “losing their lives with this deadly virus.
    Four of Biden’s predecessorsformer Presidents Jimmy Carter, 조지여. 부시, 빌 클린턴, and Barack Obamaparticipated in Thursday’s prayer breakfast in some capacity, but former 도널드 트럼프 대통령 did not.
      Biden’s remarks stood in contrast to Trump’s remarks at the annual breakfast hosted by the nonprofit Fellowship Foundation. 작년, 지우다, who had been acquitted in his first impeachment trial the day before, took veiled shots at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. 미트 롬니, the only Republican who voted to convict him.
      At his first appearance in 2017, 지우다 asked the room full of lawmakers, foreign dignitaries and religious leaders topray for ArnoldSchwarzenegger so that ratings of his showNBC’s “견습생” — would go up.

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