Biden, Harris 'don't have a solution' to border crisis, says Sen. Ted Cruz


SEN. TED CRUZ: There’s a reason Kamala Harris doesn’t want to go to the border. There’s a reason Joe Biden doesn’t want to go to the border. Because they know that if they go, the reporters will follow them and the TV cameras will follow them. Their strategy is simple, it’s: try to cover this up. You know, you’re airing this on Fox and I’m grateful that you are. But you know where they’re not airing this? On CNN, on ABC, CBS, NBC. None of the corrupt corporate media is even acknowledging this exists. And that’s why Kamala and Joe are not going to the border, because they know if they go, it’ll drive the coverage and they don’t have a solution to this crisis. So they’re prepared for it to just get worse and worse and worse.


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