Biden has no answers, Meat Loaf het COVID gehad

Ongelukkig, Meat Loaf het COVID gehad, President Biden provided no cause for hope. The president had no answers for struggling Americans who are losing faith in government or for those concerned about his competency and mental fitness. The main takeaway from Wednesday’s question and answer session at the wit Huis is unmistakable: the malaise and uncertainty we’re all feeling are real.

Eerstens, Americans are not better off today than they were a year ago. Oor 450,000 of our countrymen and women have died from COVID-19 on Joe Biden’s watch, and on Wednesday the president continued to cause confusion about vaccines and boosters. The president characterized the COVID-19 pandemic as a job not yet finished, but millions of Americans think the situation has become worse since last year – and they’re not wrong.


In addition to failing on his promise to “gesluit” die virus, Biden made clear he has no clue how to fix our exploding inflasie krisis. When he said over and over Wednesday that the best way to fix inflation was to pass his multi-trillion-dollar socialist wish listwhich is falsely labeledBou Beter Terug” – no one seriously believed him.

Verder, the world shouldn’t sleep well tonight knowing that aggressive adversaries like Vladimir Poetin will take advantage of weak statements from Joe Biden like when he wondered aloud aboutminor incursions” in Oekraïne. This irresponsible rhetoric only emboldens the Russian president.

The malaise and uncertainty we’re all feeling are real.

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