Biden heckled on Afghanistan, climate while touring Northeast storm damage: ‘All this for a f---ing photo op?’

Biden heckled on Afghanistan, climate while touring Northeast storm damage: ‘All this for a fing photo op?’
总统 拜登 heard from hecklers Tuesday as he toured areas damaged by Tropical Storm Ida. Some shouted at him about his chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from 阿富汗, while others suggested they were upset about his 气候变化 position.

After Senate Majority Leader 查克·舒默(Chuck Schumer), D-N.Y。, introduced Biden as the man who willlead us out of darkness in this present moment,” the president began his remarks in New York City by saying he received a warm reception earlier in New Jersey.

None of them were shouting or complaining,” 拜登说. “Every one of them were thanking me as if it was something special … that I was here.

But the president’s assessment didn’t appear to be accurate. 当天早些时候, Biden was heckled by protesters in the Garden State, with several people castigating him for his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

My country is going to sand you’re allowing it!” one woman yelled off camera, 根据 C-SPAN’s footage of the encounter. “And I’m an immigrant and I’m proud of this country! I’d give my life for this country. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

All this for a fphoto-op?” one man scoffed off camera. “You ain’t gonna do s—!” 单击此处了解我们的更多故事.

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Kamala Harris-backed bail fund freed Minnesota assault suspect now charged with murder
A bail fund once backed by Vice President 卡马拉·哈里斯 helped free an alleged domestic abuser who is now accused of 谋杀.

George Howard, 48, allegedly became involved in a road rage altercation on an Interstate 94 entrance ramp before he shot another driver, according to Minneapolis police – weeks after bailing out on domestic assault charges.

Howard had been out on $ 11,500 bond in connection with a domestic assault case since Aug. 6, 法庭记录显示. That’s when the Minnesota Freedom Fund – which Harris once promotedbailed him out.

8月. 29, Howard was charged with two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the interstate shooting.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund tweeted Friday, admitting to its role in putting Howard back on the streets. 星期二, the thread was inaccessible on Twitter. 点击这里了解更多.

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Biden demanding billions for refugees while Americans remain stuck in Kabul
The White House is asking Congress for $ 6.4 billion to resettle tens of thousands of Afghan refugees as part of a request for a short-term spending bill to allow for lawmakers to pass a budget for fiscal year 2022.

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Shalanda Young 说过 that the majority of the funds will goto support processing sites overseas and in the United States and U.S. government transportation for our allies and partners between processing sites and the United States.

The proposal also includes funding for humanitarian assistance, 杨说.

It includes a request for $ 2.1 billion for the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (你说) for costs associated with the evacuation of individuals from Afghanistan.

Without the money, the departmentswould be unable to complete evacuation and relocation efforts from Kabul and worldwide midway points; provide subsistence benefits for evacuated Department personnel; provide medical testing, processing through ports of entry, and respond to basic needs requirements of new arrivals; or respond to growing humanitarian needs of vulnerable populations inside Afghanistan and Afghans in neighboring countries.

The White House also requests $ 1.6 billion for the Refugee Entrant and Assistance account and $ 8 million for the Children and Families account within the Department of Health and Human Services. 点击这里了解更多.

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英国休ume, senior political analyst for Fox News, claims President Biden’strain wreckin Afghanistan will be a permanentstainon the Democrat’s administration.

This is an absolute train wreck,” Hume said Tuesday during an appearance on “塔克·卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)今晚。”And all these disputes that we’re seeing now about people who can’t get out and so on are all a result of the original decision.

Hume argued that the Biden administration has proven to be untrustworthy, including Biden’s promise to remain in Afghanistan until all Americans were evacuated.

This is a stain, 我认为, that is going to be a very long time wearing off, if indeed it ever does,” 休ume说. “I suspect that it never will.

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