Biden immigration, border security messaging 'does not reflect reality': 차드 울프

WOLF: The problem is, is there their messaging does not reflect reality and the policies that are going on. So if you’re a minor or if you’re a family member, the odds of you being released into the United States, getting across that border are very, very high. And the Border Patrol agents and officers that are working that border know that. And so when they hear leadership, either from the department or the White House, say that the border is closed and secure, they know that that’s not the reality. That’s not what they see each and every day

Probably the most important [for Kamala Harris] to visit the southern border is to support the men and women of border patrol. These are law enforcement officers that go to work every day and are facing a historic crisis and surge of individuals at that border and are doing their very best to keep that border under control and secure and safe. And having the vice president, or the president of the United States, come down there and show their support—it goes a long way for these patriots.


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