Biden infrastructure sets aside $  20B to demolish New Orleans’ historic Claiborne overpass, 다른 도로

Biden은 Claiborne 고가도로가 Treme의 역사적으로 Black 이웃을 능가하기 위해 처음 건설된 방법에 대해 언급했습니다., 인종 공동체를 나누는. 인종 평등을 강화하기 위해, 대통령은 지출 계획 $ 20 billion remodeling other highways that fit the same bill.


New Orleans residents are not happy with the potential of Claiborne coming down, complaining that traffic will only worsen and the common meeting place, underneath the overpass, will be destroyed.

All the people need the bridge for going to work, to go places,” one woman said. “I ain’t going to support them to take that bridge down.

It’s kind of a place everybody goes to party,” one man said. “일요일에, you’ve got that whole overpass packed. When you take away the overpass, where are we going to hang out and party?”

A second female resident holding a small child expressed that the Claiborne overpass represents her life and a place of community. 그 동안에, Biden’s American Jobs plan claims these demolition projects willincrease opportunity, advance racial equity and environmental justice.

The woman went on to explain that the $ 20 billion would be better spent addressing other major issues in the area like severe flooding. Another male resident then urged the president to simply leave Claiborne alone.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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