Biden is putting ‘America last’ by shutting down pipelines: 它的. 棉

它的. 汤姆棉花: Joe Biden is shutting down American pipelines like the Keystone XL pipeline, but he’s helping construct pipelines for Russia. This is Putin’s number one foreign policy priority so he can make Western Europe more dependent on Russian gas and so he can bypass our NATO allies of the east, isolating them further.

Joe Biden apparently is going to allow this pipeline to go forward, even though he has power that Congress passed on a bipartisan basis to sanction the owners and the operators of this pipeline. I guess because he doesn’t want to offend Germany’s delicate sensibilities.

It just goes to show you how Joe Biden is putting America last. If he’s shutting down American pipelines, provide good high-paying American jobs, yet he’s letting Vladimir Putin build a pipeline to Western Europe despite his opportunity to stop it.