Biden making 'concession after concession' to Putin: Morgan Ortagus

MORGAN ORTAGUS: The Biden administration keeps saying that they want predictability and stability in the relationship with Russia. I don’t know what that means from a foreign policy perspective. When we saw that Russia may be amassing troops again in Ukraine, Biden had two warships turned around that were headed towards the Black Sea.


So all I see is concession after concession after concession to the Russians. I don’t know what Putin has done to deserve this meeting, nor do I understand what the Biden administration wants out of Russia, out of Putin, other than just to sort of get them out of their hair and get them off the world stage, which Putin is never going to agree to.


So I’d like to understand from the Biden administration what in the world they hope to get out of this. They’ve conceded on every major issue that they could with Russia leading up to this event so that it’s going to be, Ek dink, low-key.





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