Biden meets with Israeli prime minister after deadly Kabul bombing

The president and the prime minister’s meeting, originally scheduled for Thursday, was postponed in the wake of the attack.

In a brief media availability kicking off the closed-door encounter, both Biden and Bennett started by acknowledging thebrave sacrifice” 에 의해 13 우리. service members killed in the Kabul bombing.


Biden said that his heart goes out to all those who were lost, but that it is still aworthy mission.The president also stated that he met with his commanders Friday morning to get a detailed briefing on the attack, pledgingwe will complete the mission.

Bennett – who recently ousted former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – maintained the steadfast relationship between America and Israel, saying the Middle Eastern country standsunequivocallywith the U.S.

추가로, Biden pledged that the U.S. would replenish Israel’s Iron Dome defense system as Iran pursues becoming a nuclear power.

According to the leaders, Iran will be a main focus of the meeting Friday, specifically on how to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Biden said that Iran will never obtain a nuclear weapon and that the U.S. and Israel will try diplomacy with the Iranian government, but are open to looking atother optionsshould diplomacy fail.

The president also said that much of the credit for current state of American-Israeli relations lies on the shoulders of former President Obama.

하나, in the days since the White House announced the visit, Biden’s foreign policy credibility with allies and adversaries has taken a deep dive due to the botched withdrawal of U.S.-led NATO troops from Afghanistan and the quick Taliban takeover of the country.

Former national security experts are saying that Biden’s meeting with Bennett will be a true test for the future of the close alliance between the countries, including how they will jointly combat aggressive nations toward Israel in the region and the rise of terrorism.

폭스 뉴스’ Kelly Laco contributed reporting.

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