Biden nominee for US anti-Semitism envoy blasted Ilhan Omar comment as 'textbook' example

Deborah Lipstadt, un Dorot Professor di Storia Ebraica Moderna e Studi sull'Olocausto alla Emory University, era nominated Friday to the anti-Semitism role, che porta il grado di ambasciatore.


Nel mese di marzo 2019, Lipstadt waded into the debate surrounding Omar at the time after the Minnesota Democrat criticized pro-Israel Americans as havingallegiance to a foreign country,” The Washington Free Beacon segnalato Venerdì.

Omar later reaffirmed her remarks, though she had previously apologized for other statements critics also deemed anti-Semitic.

Asked at the time if Omar’s comments weretextbook anti-Semitism,” Lipstadt said, “Purtroppo, I believe it is. Dual loyalties is part of the textbook accusations against Jews. They are cosmopolitans, globalists, not loyal to their country or fellow citizens.

Lipstadt argued at the time that Omarmay think she is only criticizing Israel and its policies, but one cannot ignore the fact that she is relying on traditional anti=-Semitic tropes to do so.She went on to say people like Omarexist in a place where anti-Semitism is out in the ethosphere; they hear it, breath it in, and don’t even recognize it as antisemitism.

Omar’s office did nor respond to a request for comment.

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