Biden optimistic deal can be reached on social spending bill capped at $  1.9Ť: 报告

拜登详细介绍了一项潜在的支出提案 $ 1.75 万亿和 $ 1.9 在周二的私人会议上万亿, 华盛顿邮报报道, 引述熟悉此事的消息来源. The president was said to have shared the outline with at least some Democratic lawmakers.

The revised package includes many of the original plan’s signature proposals, including universal pre-K, substantial investment in green energy and expanded Medicare benefits. 然而, the sources told Washington Post the details were still subject to change.

代表. 普拉米拉贾亚帕尔, D-Wash。, the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, 中央, along with other lawmakers, talks with reporters outside the West Wing of the Washington, 星期二, 十月. 19, 2021, following their meeting with President Joe Bid (AP Newsroom)

The Post reported the downsized spending plan could cut or reduce several programs favored by progressive leaders, including less money than they wanted for affordable public housing, a child tax credit extension of just one year, and reduced paid leave.

The latest spending benchmark indicates Biden and other Democratic leaders have made significant cuts to their vast spending plan to achieve a compromise that satisfies both moderate and progressive Democratic lawmakers. Democratic leaders have set an Oct. 31 deadline to reach an agreement on the spending plan and a separate $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal. 单击此处了解我们的更多故事.

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