Biden poised to nominate Connecticut education chief Miguel Cardona as education secretary

President-elect Joe Biden is poised to nominate Connecticut education commissioner Miguel Cardona as his education secretary, 이 문제에 익숙한 두 사람이 말한다, a decision that could be one of the final Cabinet selections before Christmas.

Biden has set a goal of reopening most schools within the first 100 days of taking office, a position that has touched off controversy with some teachers’ 노조. Cardona has been a leading proponent of sending children back to school, saying too many students are falling behind during virtual learning amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Cardona, whose parents moved from Puerto Rico to Connecticut, would be another high-profile Latino in the Cabinet if confirmed by the US Senate. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has urged Biden to select Cardona.
A formal announcement could come as early as Wednesday.
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