Biden presidency 'weakened' by progressive wing of Democratic Party: Washington Post's David Ignatius

DAVID IGNATIUS: “I hope you’re not dreaming– you said it just right. That’s kind of exactly the way I look at this. My hope was that Joe Biden was getting elected as a centrist – that’s the way he campaigned, certainly in the Democratic Party. He was the most centrist of them. He has a record of having good relations across the aisle with Republicans in the Senate. I think he’s been pulled left by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party more than he should have been. I think it’s weakened his presidency. I hope he realizes that. 而且你知道, it goes back to being the person the country elected.

但, 你懂, I think that the right space – a winning space for the country – is that space in the broad middle where most people are. Most people are not on the extreme wings, they just aren’t. You know that, I know that. Somehow we have to have leadership that reflects that. And once we have really good leaders that speak to the whole country, a lot of our problems are just going to be alleviated.