Biden presiding over 'abuse of children' at border, テキサス州政府. Abbott claims

During a news conference, Abbott told reporters he received tips that children at the Freeman Coliseum facility also were not eating enough.

These problems are a byproduct of President Biden’s open-border policies and the lack of planning for the fallout for those disastrous policies,” Abbott said.

Separate complaints were sent to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Texas Department of Family and Protective services Wednesday, alleging four different kinds of child abuse, 彼は言った. The agencies then informed the state leadership.

In short, this facility is a health and safety nightmare. The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children,” Abbott told reporters. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
Texas Sen. John Cornyn demands federal probe into San Antonio child migrant abuse allegations
White House defends Kamala Harristravel after visiting places other than border
MS-13 gang member caught entering US illegally, Border Patrol announces
– より多い 130 undocumented migrants surrender to Arizona Border Patrol
Hundreds of migrants caught at US-Mexico border as video of young boy raises pressure on Biden administration
– 担当者. McCaul says Biden’s immigration policies a ‘victoryfor traffickers and ‘very bad defeatfor children

Kamala Harris pledged to visit border ‘at some point,’ but two weeks later White House has no update
Vice President Harris said in late March that she would visit the U.S. southern border, but two weeks later there is still no update on when that trip will happen.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said she didn’t haveany trips to outline or previewwhen asked if Harris had scheduled a trip to the border. Harris was designated in March as Biden’s point person to deal with what the White House describes asroot causesof the border crisis.

I don’t have any trips to outline or preview. What our focus is on is solutions and ensuring we have more beds, we’re making processing more efficient and effective and that we are addressing this in a humane way that keeps these kids as safe as we possibly can,” Psaki told reporters Wednesday.

Harris took heat in March for laughing when a reporter asked if she would be visiting the border amid the growing migrant crisis.

Not today,” 彼女は言いました. Shortly after, she said in a March 24 interview that she “絶対に” will visit the borderat some point.CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
Kamala Harris has gone 15 日々 without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role
GOP’s McCarthy says VP Harris should attend FBI-CIA terror briefing: ‘I know she hasn’t been to the border
Nikki Haley 爆風 Harris as ‘missing in actionon border: ‘God help us if she ever becomes president
Mayorkasnot Biden or Harrisheading to Texas border towns Thursday
White House defends Kamala Harristravel after visiting places other than border
VP Harris visits Chicago bakery even as border crisis escalates

CBS News issues new statement backing DeSantis report, again fails to defend ‘pay-for-playnarrative
CBS News late Wednesday issued a third statement defending its “60 議事録” report targeting Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, though the network continued to avoid discussing the story’s most explosive claim.

DeSantis has accused “60 議事録” of lying and pushing a false narrative about apay-for-playscheme in which he allegedly rewarded the grocery store chain Publix with coronavirus vaccine distribution rights after the company donated $ 100,000 to his campaign. The allegation triggered a fierce backlash, including from Florida Democrats who defended the GOP governor.

CBS News doubled down in a statement provided to Fox News, but focused not on the alleged corruption, but the racial disparities of vaccine distribution.

Last week’s 60 Minutes story was about the vaccine roll-out to seniors in Palm Beach County and focused on a lack of access for minority communities,” CBS began. “Governor DeSantiscomments about this piece do not acknowledge that his senior constituents in the Glades did not have easy access to a Publix for the vaccine. The Glades is an underserved portion of Palm Beach County with a population of 31,000 that was the focus of the 60 Minutes report.

The statement stressed that Publix was theonlypharmacy in Palm Beach County to have access to the vaccine in January, いつ “the mostly Black and Hispanic senior residents of the Glades would need to drive 25 miles if they had a car or take a bus ride to the nearest pharmacy.The statement added that many residents of the Gladesdo not own a computer or a smartphone.CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
Botched DeSantis report latest example of ’60 Minutespushing liberal views, undermining Republicans
Coverage of ’60 Minutesfiasco focuses on ‘giftto DeSantis, not journalistic blunder
– その. Rick Scott declines to defend DeSantis during Fox News interview on Publix controversy
PolitiFact admits CBS ‘couldhave ‘deceptively editedDeSantis remarks, stops short of stating it as fact
Florida Dem claims he told CBS DeSantis-Publix story was ‘bulls; producer says info used ‘on background

– バイデン to target ‘ghost guns,’ stabilizing braces in new gun control actions
– タッカー スラム Arkansas governor over ‘castrationveto: He did ‘exactlywhat Walmart scion ‘wanted him to do
Manchin says ‘noto ending or weakening the filibuster
Greg Gutfeld: The mainstream media want Americans to hate each other. Don’t play their game
Texas man charged with manslaughter after kids riding in backhoe bucket fall to their death
MLB commissioner decided to move All-Star Game after pressure from Stacey Abrams on voting issues: sources

Mark Zuckerberg caught using Signal secure chat app, main competitor of Facebook-owned WhatsApp: 報告する
Colorado vaccination site closes early after reactions to Johnson & Johnson vaccine
IRS says stimulus checks on the way to Social Security recipients
Amazon contests hundreds of ballots amid union election in Alabama: 報告する
Fed says economic recovery picking up, still not concerned about inflation
Most schools not fully 開いた despite funding injection from Dems’ $ 1.9T relief bill

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U.S. その. Ted Cruz slammed Democrats asthe party of Big…Big Business, Big Tech, Big Hollywood, Big Unions, Big Government.

The Texas Republican’s Twitter message had Fox NewsShannon Bream discussing on Fox News @ Night how Republicans view the current political climate as adefining moment in American politics.

Republicans are the party of the little guy,” Cruz continued. “Small business, blue-collar workers, cops, firefighters, waiters and waitresses.

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