Biden-Putin summit displaying media's 'blatant bias in broad daylight': Joe Concha

JOE CONCHA: The difference in the coverage between the two U.S. summits between Trump and Putin is as different as the two countries themselves when you compare it to the coverage of Biden and Putin. And it’s basically blatant bias in broad daylight. And this isn’t surprising in the least of course, given what we saw going up until Election Day and contrasting coverage of Biden and Trump, the countless number of stories aimed at Trump, the fact checks of it being impossible that a vaccine would be available before 2020 or the Wuhan lab leak being a fringe conspiracy theory that wasn’t or the Russian bounty on U.S. troops that Trump allowed to happen, or the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop being the product of Russian disinformation. 

Again, it seems like a lot of this goes back to Russia when we should be keeping our eye on the ball with China. And I wonder if there would be so much media hype if this was a U.S. summit between, say, Biden and Xi Jinping. Or perhaps, you know, anybody from China in general. But because it’s Russia, we seem to have we give this country this aura like the old Soviet Union of the 1980s, and they’re simply not. So, again, what I’ve said before is that we have to judge Joe Biden on his words and not on his deeds when covering him in situations like this.


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