Biden은 백신에 대한 기준을 높이고 미국이 1.5 하루에 백만

President Joe Biden said Monday that he expects that the US will soon be able to vaccinate 1.5 하루에 백만명, 대략적으로 기준을 높이기 500,000 목표보다 더 많은 예방 접종 1 million per day in his first 100 근무일. He said that the US could surpass that initial target in about three weeks.

I’m quite confident that we will be in a position within the next three weeks or so to be vaccinating people at the range of 1 million a day or in excess of that,” 그는 기자들에게 말했다, clarifying that he was referring to 100 million shots, not necessarily 100 백만명, since some of the vaccines require more than one shot.
Biden said the key factors in ramping up vaccinations are having enough vaccine, having enough syringes and other necessary equipment and having enough people administering them.
I think with the grace of God, the goodwill of the neighbor and the creek not rising, as the old saying goes, I think we may be able to get that to 1.5 하루에 백만, rather than 1 하루에 백만,” 그는 말했다.
    Biden said his administration is working to produce additional vaccinators and feelsconfidentthey can do so. He also referenced the importance of creating a forum where Americanscan show up, stand in line, and get their vaccine without having to stand in line for eight hours, being able to pick up the phone, call the pharmacy and get your name on the list, etc.
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