Biden repeats debunked Amtrak story for fifth time during presidency

For the fifth time during his presidentskap, Biden told a story dating back to when he was vice president about a lighthearted encounter with former Amtrak employee Angelo Negri.


I commuted every single day, 263 miles a day, on Amtrak from the time I got elected United States senator,” het die president gesê. “I got to know all the conductors really well, they became my friends – I mean, regtig, my genuine friends, I’d have them at my home for Christmas and during the summer.

And Ange walks up to me and goes, ‘Joey, baba,’ grabs my cheek and I thought the Secret Service was going to blow his head off,” hy het gesê.

I swear to God, ware verhaal,” onthou hy. “ek het gesê, 'Geen, geen, he’s a friend.’ I said, ‘What’s up, Ange?’ And he said, ‘Joey, I read in the paper you traveled 1,200,000 miles on Air Force planes.’

Negri then informed the vice president that he had traveled 2,200,000 miles on Amtrak, according to Biden’s telling.

’So Joey, I don’t wanna hear this about the Air Force anymore,’” Biden recalled Negri joking.

I’m a train guy,” het die president gesê, concluding his story and launching into his pitch on his Build Back Better agenda and bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Fox News het voorheen berig that the story does not add up.

Negri se doodsberig lui dat hy by Amtrak afgetree het 1993, terwyl Biden nog 'n senator was. Daarbenewens, Biden se kantoor het gevier dat hy geslaan het 1 miljoen myl op Air Force Two in 2015 en Negri is die vorige jaar oorlede.

Biden’s telling of the story has also varied.

Die president het voorheen beweer dit het in die gebeur “vierde of vyfde jaar” van sy vise-presidentskap, while he claimed as recently as last week that it happened in the seventh year of his tenure.

In 'n ander weergawe van die verhaal wat Biden voorheen vertel het, hy het teruggegaan om sy siek ma te besoek toe die interaksie gebeur het, alhoewel sy ma, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, oorlede in 2010.

Fox News’ Evie Fordham and Houston Keene contributed reporting.

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