Biden requirement for testing 24 hours before international flights to start Monday

A senior administration official confirmed to Fox News Thursday that the 24-hour testing requirement, which Biden officially announced earlier in the day, will go into effect on Monday. All travelers, regardless of vaccination or citizenship status, will be subject to the changed regulation.

バイデン大統領. (AP写真/エヴァン・ヴッチ)

バイデン大統領. (AP写真/エヴァン・ヴッチ) (AP写真/エヴァン・ヴッチ)

以前は, only the unvaccinated were required to show a negative test 24 hours prior to departure, while those that were vaccinated had to show a negative test within 72 時間.

The changes come as part of Biden’s winter plan to combat COVID-19 as cases of the Omicron variant were detected in the U.S. 今週.


Holiday travelers push their luggage inside Miami International Airport, 火曜日, 11月. 23, 2021, マイアミで. (AP写真/マルタ・ラヴァンディエ)

Holiday travelers push their luggage inside Miami International Airport, 火曜日, 11月. 23, 2021, マイアミで. (AP写真/マルタ・ラヴァンディエ) (AP写真/マルタ・ラヴァンディエ)

Experts say that COVID-19 cases will continue to rise in the weeks ahead this winter, and that we will see more omicron cases here in the United States in the days, weeks and months ahead. Our best scientists and doctors are on the case and gathering data, but early indications are that our vaccines will provide a measure of protection against this strain,” Biden said in an op-ed published in USA Today 木曜日.

Biden also announced a campaign to continue encouraging Americans to get vaccinated or get booster shots if they have previously received the jab, expanding access to vaccines with more walk-in appointments and longer hours and weekend availability at vaccination sites.

ジョー・バイデン大統領. (AP写真/ CarolynKaster)

ジョー・バイデン大統領. (AP写真/ CarolynKaster) (AP写真/ CarolynKaster)

The plan also calls for insurers to pay 100% of the cost of in-home testing kits, and they will be provided for free pickup for those who do not have private insurance.

We are going to fight COVID-19 not with shutdowns or lockdowns – but with more widespread vaccinations, ブースター, testing and more,” バイデンは言った. “We will beat it back with science and speed, not chaos and confusion – just as we did in the spring and again with the more powerful delta variant in the summer and fall.