Biden signs stopgap funding measure into law, avoiding government shutdown

President Joe Biden on Friday officially signed into law the stopgap funding measure passed by the Senate Thursday night, averting a government shutdown for now.

The funding for the federal government was set to expire on Friday. The bill signed into law Friday will extend the funding until March 11.
The House of Representatives voted last week on a bipartisan basis to approve the measure, known as a continuing resolution or CR for short. The bill passed in the Senate by a tally of 65 to 27.
    Lawmakers are also working to lock in a broader full-year spending package, but have said they need more time to finish and, as a result, needed a short-term funding extension to avert a shutdown at the end of the week.
      In the Senate, Republican demands and Democratic absences threatened to complicate the effort to lock in a final vote and brought action down to the wire as the February 18 funding deadline neared. But leaders from both parties projected confidence there would not be a shutdown and ultimately a final vote to pass the measure went forward Thursday evening.
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