Biden hará campaña por McAuliffe, who received $  650K from teachers' unions promoting critical race theory

Biden viajará al Old Dominion para hacer campaña por McAuliffe, que está en una contienda contra el candidato republicano Glenn Youngkin.

McAuliffe and the president have a friendship spanning four decades and will be spending time in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA.


The president’s visit will serve as a test to see if Biden’s electoral success from 2020 can help McAuliffe as the former governor fields criticism for flipping on his stance on right-to-work laws after taking $ 2.2 million from labor unions.

Among the labor unions McAuliffe received campaign donations from, McAuliffe accepted $ 650,000 from two prominent critical race theory-promoting teachers’ sindicatos.

The National Education Association (NEA) — the largest teachersunion in America that recently adopted a measure saying they willinvestigaropponents of critical race theory — gave McAuliffe $ 400,000.

Adicionalmente, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) gave McAuliffe’s campaign $ 250,000. Randi Weingarten, the president of AFT, recently said the union would protect members who teach critical race theory.

Terry McAuliffe is bringing his corrupt brand of politics back for Round 2. Not only are his days filled with lies, hypocrisies, and rhetorical flip-flops*, but they are also filled with cozying up to political special interests that he will owe favors to if he is elected,” Virginia GOP Chairman Rich Anderson said in an emailed statement to Fox News.

The chairman noted the asterisk was for a dayfilled with the beach type flip-flopwhen McAuliffe was in Nantucket.

McAuliffe has also came under fire for calling the anti-CRT movement a “conspiración” created by Republicans.

That’s another right-wing conspiracy. This is totally made up by Donald Trump and Glenn Youngkin. This is who they are. It’s a conspiracy theory,” said McAuliffe in audio obtained by Fox News.

When asked for comment, the White House pointed to press secretary Jen Psaki’s previous statement on critical race theory in schools from the briefing room.

“Bien, primero, I would say that, as we’ve said many times before, we don’t dictate or recommend specific curriculum decisions from the federal government,” Psaki said in response to Fox News’ Peter Doocy on Thursday regarding DOE’s promotions of a CRT-backed radical group in school guidance documents.

That is and will continue to be handled at the local level, and we believe that the American people trust teachers to make those decisions, not government,” ella continuó.

McAuliffe’s campaign did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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