Biden's admission to 'no federal solution' to pandemic inconsistent with federal vaccine mandates: 皮罗

珍妮·皮罗: You may recall Joe’s promises when he ran for president. “I’ll shut down the virus, 不是经济, 我们可以一边走路一边嚼口香糖。” 你确定, 乔? Walk and chew gum at the same time? 乔, with all due respect, you’ve displayed quite clearly that you are barely even able to walk. And you certainly haven’t shut down the virus, let alone even had a plan to shut it down. 乡亲, the tragic irony of Joe Biden’s failure to make good on his campaign promise is that more people died of COVID during his first year than under President Trump’s entire time in office. Even with vaccines in year three of the outbreak under Joe Biden, we don’t even have enough tests to find out if we have COVID or one of its variants. 事实上, they don’t even put the order in on time for tests because they didn’t even see it coming.

与此同时, as Joe Biden relentlessly criticized President Trump for his handling of the pandemic, Joe now claims there is simply no federal solution. 好, 乔, if there’s no federal solution, why are there federal vaccine mandates requiring that employees be fired if they don’t comply? This in spite of a medical or religious exemption, and in spite of the fact that health care workers put their own lives on the line working with patients when they had no vaccine.