Biden's Afghan 'Alamo': Mark Levin says Democrat 'blew up half a century of US national security'

레빈은 이렇게 회상했다. “폭스 뉴스 프라임 타임a recent interview he held with the United Kingdom’s former Afghanistan Commander 안부. 리처드 켐프who had called for 바이든 “군법회의” and whom Levin said described Biden’s Afghan crisis as thebiggest [군] blundersince the end of World War II.

The ramifications of this are absolutely unbelievable. 먼저, we lost more men in this outrageous boggled, messed up withdrawal than we lost in the last 18 months in 아프가니스탄,” Levin told host Jesse Watters.

The idea that you would create basically the Alamo – you’d have no airpower, you’d have no external military support so the enemy knows where to hit you, so the enemy knows where to hit anybody who tries to get there.


그만큼 “생명, 자유 & 번갯불host also blamed Biden’s closest adviser for their role in strategizing the strategic failure:

I do not know what kind of generals we have, I do not know the kind of advice the president is getting, but this president is a disaster. He’s always been a disaster, he’s reckless, he’s dangerous, he stubborn, and he is stupid. And now it’s just cost us some lives.

Levin predicted Biden will strand thousands of American citizens in Afghanistan at the mercy of Taliban militants as he appears steadfast to his self-imposed August 31 pullout deadline – which the Taliban have said they plan to hold him to.

The Afghan crisis reflects the lack of military understanding or experience in the Biden administration, save for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III, a retired general and former Raytheon board member whom the analyst calledutterly and completely feckless.

Levin added Biden’s top military adviser himself is essentially flawed as well – labeling Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milleyone of the worst generals in American history.

He called for Biden to reverse his stance on withholdingrecriminationsuntil after the debacle subsides, noting that President Abraham Lincoln didn’t wait for the Civil War to end before he fired generals he found ineffective.

Levin said Republicans should vociferously seek impeachment of Biden despite being in the congressional minority – and given the similarly lackluster line of succession, according to the host.

I know who’s behind him – Harris – I know who’s behind her – Pelosi – We and the world need to know that we try to hold people accountable for what they have done,” 레빈이 말했다.

This cabinet which is a joke if they’re not looking at the 25th amendment, we’ve got a man in the White House now who has blown up more than half a century of American national security.

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