Biden's border crisis – preventable, predictable and deadly

Speaking on Fox News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the Amministrazione di Biden era “invitingwould-be migrants, and further charged that the administration is not permitting the Border Patrolto do their jobs … or protect the border. They’re not allowed to have the resources that they need.

Paxton also warned that the Mexican drug “cartelli are gaining strength” e quello, secondo la polizia di frontiera, they earn an average of $ 8,000 for every person they smuggle across the border.


While consistently dodging questions on the ongoing border crisis, the Biden administration claims the crisis isn’t one, quella “cause profonde” must be addressed – as if they’re prepared to root out deep-seated corruption from Mexico to the Northern Triangle nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. They add that they want an immigration system that’s “giusto, orderly, and humane– which is odd given they’ve made the system more unfair, disorderly, e pericoloso.

That the situation on the border has become a crisis is no surprise. As soon as he took office, President Joe Biden ordered an end to most of President Donald Trump’s border initiatives.

The border wall? Stopped in its tracks, with huge gaps left in the wall next to piles of rusting steel beams and fencing.

Immediate deportations? Paused. In its place, midnight charter jet flights out of military bases deep into the U.S. interni.

The Remain in Mexico program? Ended, in the face of court orders to keep it operational – but without pressure from Biden, the Mexican government has little incentive to cooperate.

The ban on travel from nations rife with terrorism? Lifted.

Quanto è cattivo?

Adesso, the Border Patrol is so busy processing minors and family units into the country that the number ofgot-aways– unauthorized migrants spotted but not apprehended – ballooned.

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