Biden's ex-border security chief: 바이든에서, US pays 'to not' build the wall

We made it very clear that if we dropped all of the initiatives that have been put in place over the last several years that we would get an influx of mass migration that we would not be able to control,” 그는 말했다.

Scott also took shots at 국토 안보 벅스가 불스를 꺾고 센트럴을 차지하다. 알레한드로 마요르카 스, saying that he knowswhat needs to take place.

He clearly understands and knows how to control the border and what needs to take place,” Scott이 말했습니다.. “It was very clear there are people involved in this process that have been involved before, and they’re choosing not to take simple, commonsense steps to secure the border.

한 지점에서, 미국. was paying $ 5 하루에 백만, according to Scott.

그는 말했다, “Many of those projects today are just still on hold, so we’re paying contractors. 잠시 동안, it was almost five million a day between DoD and DHS to not build the border wall,” Scott told host Bret Baier.

What is left of former President 도날드 트럼프'에스 국경 벽 아르 “stacks and stacksof panels, “hundreds of miles of fiber optic cabling, 카메라” that are justsitting there,” Scott이 말했습니다..

Scott said that one of the fundamental differences he observed between the Biden and Trump administrations wasactually trying to control the borderand alsoacknowledging that border security is critical to 국토 안보.”


The messaging from Biden of a softer approach to the border slowly chiseled away at the stronghold at the border as it caused an increase in encounters.

Scott explained, “The result of that is the message goes out. And then instead of having a couple of hundred encounters a day, we quickly went up to about 6,000 encounters a day.

Before Scott retired he observed that Border Patrol caught people from 150 different countries coming through 멕시코 into the United States.

Scott also said that he was “격분” 그 “all of suddendue processwent out the windowafter agents on horses were criticized for the way they treated migrants who illegally crossed the southern border into the 미국.

그는 말했다, “Border security protects legal 이주, and those guys know it, and that’s what they’ve been doing. And all of a sudden, now due process applies to everybody else, but not them.

And then all of a sudden, our horse patrol doing what they’re supposed to do, which is prevent people from illegally entering our home, are now the villains.

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