Biden's foreign policy leadership is 'a joke:' Steve Hilton


STEVE HILTON: As we look around the world this Easter weekend, what do we see? War, chaos, threat, menace, anxiety, fear. This is what you get when America fails to lead. This is what you get when you replace strength with weakness… Some people here don’t like the idea of America playing a strong leading role. Why should we be the world’s police man? You hear that a lot and I understand it. But how do you like the alternative? How do you like war in Europe, terrorists back in Afghanistan, a China-Russia pact, North Korea testing missiles, America coddling enemies like Iran and Venezuela while alienating allies like India, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Shambles on a global scale. The exact opposite of what they tell you, the exact opposite of what they promised you.

Oh, ‘respected’ is that what you call it? Is that what you call it? Is that why the Saudis are selling oil now to China? And ditching dollars for Yuan. Trump rebuilt that alliance, and it helped produce the first Middle East peace deal in decades and now the Saudis won’t even take Biden’s phone call… That is how the world sees our respected president who has brought America back, a mumbling, bumbling fool who doesn’t know who he is or what he’s talking about. 

Thank God we put that great foreign-policy genius Joe Biden with all his years of experience in charge. Isn’t it great to have people around the president who really know what they’re doing. Who are just professionals, good at governance. What a joke. And their biggest joke, and not a very funny one, is the resurrection of their deal to give Iran nuclear weapons. 


Once again lifting sanctions including on oil, you know, just to throw a bit of help to Putin, Xi and the rest of the world’s autocrats, and even lifting sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps removing this foreign terrorist organization from the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations. Next, they’ll be signing them up as a DNC partner with a speaking slot at the 2024 convention. And unbelievably the person they rely on to broker the whole thing, is the butcher of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin himself. So Biden randomly blurts out that he wants Putin out of power but at the same time he is begging him to help deliver his flagship foreign-policy initiative! Could it get more incompetent and incoherent? 


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