Biden's Fourth of July message: 'Our best days still lie ahead'

华盛顿州 总统拜登 on Monday marked Independence Day by sharing a message that looked to the country’s future.

The Fourth of July is a sacred day in our countryit’s a time to celebrate the goodness of our nation, the only nation on Earth founded based on an idea: that all people are created equal,” Biden said in a 鸣叫. “不犯错误, our best days still lie ahead.
七月 4 holiday comes amid a challenging time for the nation marked by deepening division, 通货膨胀 和一个 recent set of polling showing that the vast majority of Americans across party lines are unhappy with the state of the US.
    在一个 AP-NORC survey 上周发布, 85% of US adults say that things in the country are headed in the wrong direction, 只是 14% believing things are going in the right direction. That’s a more pessimistic reading than in May, 什么时候 78% said things were headed the wrong way and 21% that things were generally moving in the right direction. And currently, 都 92% 共和党人和 78% of Democrats are dissatisfied with the direction of the countrythe highest number among Democrats since Biden took office last year.
      拜登, who spent the morning at Camp David, was set to return to the White House later Monday.
        The President is expected to deliver remarks commemorating the holiday at a celebration with military families on the South Lawn of the White House.