Il vantaggio di Biden su Trump in Arizona scende sotto i 15.000 voti, ma ritorno improbabile: rapporto

Biden's lead over Trump in Arizona drops below 15K votes, ma ritorno improbabile: rapporto

Il presidente eletto Joe Biden's lead over President Trump in Arizona fell below 15,000 votes as of Monday, but the president is unlikely to stage a successful comeback in the key battleground state.

Da lunedì sera, Biden had a 14,746-vote lead over Trump after the president took a slightly higher percentage of votes in the latest results out of Maricopa County, il Repubblica dell'Arizona segnalato.

tuttavia, the president received just over 49 percent of those votes. He would need to secure more than 60 percent of outstanding ballots statewide to catch up to Biden.

Più o meno 63,000 votes remain uncounted in Arizona as of this week, according to the Republic’s estimates. A majority of the uncounted votes are from provisional ballots, which are used when a voter is unable to verify their identity at a polling center. Appena 54 percent of the provisional ballots cast in Maricopa County so far were deemed valid and added to a candidate’s total.

The Fox News Decision Desk projected a Biden victory in Arizona on Nov. 3, handing the former vice president 11 electoral votes and flipping a state that Trump carried in 2016.

The Trump campaign pushed back on the call. Officials argued the state was called for Biden prematurely because too many votes had yet to be counted.


Biden became President-elect last Saturday after projected victories in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Da lunedì, Biden received a record 75.67 million votes nationwide, while Trump received 71.01 milioni di voti. A margin of less than 276,000 voti separated the two candidates in the six key states that decided the presidency – Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

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