Biden's socialist Build Back Better bolstering IRS to 'spy' on Americans' bank accounts: メース

担当者. ナンシー・メイス, R-S.C。, Fox NewsChannelの出演に反応した “日曜日の朝の未来” Build Back BetterActに追加された非常に争われているIRS資金調達規定に.

“それは間違っています. 80億のために 89,000 more agents to spy on our bank accounts. This isn’t America,” メース, representing the Lowcountry Region, 前記. “This kind of thing has been tried in socialist countries elsewhere. It does not work. And the fact that we’re going to continue to do this rather than reform our tax policy to make it more friendly and easier to use – either a flat tax or a consumption tax – we’re going to hire all these agents to spy on our bank accounts. It’s un-American.


Republicans have a lot to run on next year, but the problem is going to be, ‘How do we reverse this bad policy if it goes through and gets passed?’” 彼女は付け加えた.

The Build Back Better Act’s investments in the IRS include $ 80 million to hire some 87,000 more IRS agents, which would result in an estimated 1.2 million additional audits each year. Nearly half of the audits would impact families earning less than $ 75,000 一年. One quarter of the audits would affect Americans earning $ 25,000 or more per year.

Mace predicted that the Build Back Better plan will only increase inflation, arguing that socialist spending will incentivize people not to work, worsening supply chain issues and raising taxes for average Americans already facing increased prices for groceries, gas and other goods.

Those results will hand Republicans sweeping victories in the 2022 中間選挙, Mace predicted, arguing the GOP will gain as many as two dozen more congressional seats. But she says once Republicans do regain the majority, they’ll be tasked with undoing the Build Back Better Act’s damage should it get passed by Senate leadership this week.

This is a global effort. There’s something called ‘Build Back Better’ going on around the world. This is about social spending, providing social safety nets and paying people,” 彼女は言いました. “One of the reasons why inflation is going to get significantly worse is because of the greater spending we have through ‘Build Back Better,’ through other COVID-19 relief programs. Spending we’ve done in the past. Taxes are going to go up. That will also affect inflation, 私は信じている, until Republicans are in the majority in 2022.

And I believe that will happen. It will be significant,” Mace added. “At least two dozen seats or more. It will be incumbent upon us to try to reverse some of the policies that will be creating this. And that’s going to be very difficult to do if it goes through.