Biden's stimulus effort hits the runway

The House is poised to vote on the biggest piece of legislative work in the Biden administration thus far, 3月に先駆けて 14 パンデミック時代の失業手当の期限が切れる期限.

ザ・ $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package is still massivebut it’s slightly less of a lift for Democratic leaders charging toward a speedy passage now that the $ 15 minimum wage provision has been stripped out by the Senate parliamentarian.
It’s a win for congressional whips, but especially moderate Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who made it clear they didn’t support the increase, thus imperiling the entire aid package which needs support from every single Democrat in the Senate. But progressives are already signaling they plan to keep pushing for the minimum wage increaseafter all, we’re only 37 days into the Biden administration.

There are still more hoops to jump through before the Covid-19 bill heads to Biden’s desk. But this week’s progression is a big step for the new President’s agendaand probably welcome news for the White House after a week of bumpy confirmation hearings for some of Biden’s Cabinet picks.
    Even if Biden is having a hard time locking down bipartisan support on Capitol Hill, he got a taste of it in Texas (of all places!). Biden traveled to Houston to visit a region hit hard by winter storms and a crippled power grid, and was accompanied by Texas Republicans Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. John Cornyn.
    テキサス’ other senator was out of the state during Biden’s visit (だが not in Cancun). その. Ted Cruz joined the legions of conservatives attending CPAC in Florida this weekend, where former President Donald Trump will deliver his first speech post-presidency.
      Trump spent the week preparing for his return to the spotlight, 時には working solo out of his golf cart, which has doubled as his mobile office, CNN’s Kate Bennett reported.
      ポイント: Biden may be struggling to build bipartisan support for his massive Covid-19 aid package, but it appears on the march toward passage before his March deadline. And perhaps he can find hope for bipartisanship in his Texas travel companions.




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