Bill Maher says Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘should’ve quitunder Obama: She didn’t ‘take the hint

Bill Maher says Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'should've quit' under Obama: She didn't 'take the hint'

“即时的” 主办 比尔·马赫(Bill Maher) had some harsh words for the late Justice 露丝·巴德·金斯堡, whose death paved the way for the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

During a Monday night appearance on “吉米·金梅尔Live,” Maher was asked about the moment when news of Ginsburg’s death broke while he was taping his show and Jimmy Kimmel expressed his amazement at how his panel wasexactly rightat predicting how events that were going to play out.

“好, it’s not like her death was a shock,” 马赫说.

“好, 它是 — 它是, 虽然,” Kimmel responded.


“真? 她曾经是 100 and had cancer like a million times,” Maher shot back. “我的意思是, she was a great justice but she should’ve quit. … she should’ve quit.

You think so?” Kimmel asked.

“当然!” Maher exclaimed. “Because then we wouldn’t have nutso!” — referring to Barrett.

Kimmel then asked Maher when Ginsburg should have quit, which prompted him point to the 2013 lunch she reportedly had with President Obama, who apparently urged her to retire while he was still in office.


The Democratic plan for the Supreme Court was ‘Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t die.And that’s why they’re such a loser party,” Maher explained while making an “大号” sign on his forehead. “I vote for them, but they don’t know how to do politics. 我的意思是, Obama did have her over to the office, 你懂, when he was still in office to hint.

“哦, you think that’s why … ” Kimmel responded with surprise.

“当然! We know that’s why,” Maher quickly told Kimmel. “He wasn’t the sociable kind of guy. There was always a purpose to a meeting with him. So it was just like, '嘿, boy, that Supreme Court is an important place, huhand you’re getting up in age.And she should’ve taken the hint. 我的意思是, as great as she was in many ways, that really put us in a bad place because as I keep trying to say on my show, power begets power. When you lose power, you keep losing it.


他继续, “We lose presidential elections, they appoint justices, so now the Supreme Court is 6-3. That’s going to go on for a very long time. If the election winds up in the court, who do you think they’re going to go with? We saw what happened with Bush v. Gore. That’s what I mean. You lose power and then you lose it again.

Maher was previously outspoken against Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, calling her a “F—ing nutand comparing her to theTerminatorwho was sent to overturn Roe v. 韦德.


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