Blackburn blasts Biden's 'bad' immigration policies: 'They are making every state a border state'

BLACKBURN: What they are doing is shifting the burden to the states. And once they do that, they are making every state a border state, every town, a border town. But this is the first link in a chain of bad immigration policies. But they are shoving this cost for education, child services, housing, all of the health care onto the state. Now, as you have these communities of illegal migrants coming into cities, what are blue city mayors going to do? They’re going to do sanctuary cities. But what the Biden administration is doing is specifically this. They are they have now apprehended five hundred thousand people at the border from one hundred and sixty countries. They’re putting them on planes and flying them to states without any knowledge of the governors.

And one of the things that is so egregious, you have the cartels. Nobody crosses the border unless they’re going through a cartel. But then what is the US federal government doing? They’re finishing the job for the cartel because once someone is caught, then they take them. The taxpayer is paying for it and we find out they’re flying them and busing them to a neighborhood near you.


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